10 5 / 2011

i am currently 23 years young. i live in THE coldest state in the usa. and i dont care what you say, minnesota is the coldest state. i have two monsters that most people call children. they are both boys. sebastian is 2.5 and killian is 1.3. they make me want to rip my hairs out. they are REAL monsters. atm, sebastian is in fact throwing toys around the house. not soft fluffy ones either. heavy ones that will knock you out if it hits you. my husby is carter. he is nice. though his sense of humor is kinda lewd…i still love him. he works, i stay home and take care of our monsters. i have a mega crush on alex meraz. his talent is very truly inspiring and he is in fact very photogenic. his tweets are hilarious. they make me smile. i also have an infatuation with rockstars. the kind you drink. they are delish. i enjoy having a cigarette, and am lucky if i get to have a whole one before my monsters make me come in. i drive a nissan maxima. and i have a sub and amp in it. i love driving. especially when i am by myself. i also have a huge collection of magazines. i heart the twilight saga. and i do not like capitalizing. obviously. anyway, just a few bits of info about me. ask to know more. :)